Monday, July 9, 2012

100 projects, #3

My very dear friends Jay and Carly are getting married in September, and I have offered my skills to help Carly with the various cute DIY things she wants to do - so this will only be the first of many things you'll see, I'm sure. This is some simple bunting I made from a bunch of fabrics in their wedding colors - gray, green, and blue.

I made two different sizes of triangles, and the connecting fabric is just bias tape. Pretty simple! I made a lot more than this - these are just a couple strands for an example, because it all pretty much looks the same.

It looks pretty flapping in the breeze though!

For all the traditional job schedule folks out there, I hope you had a tolerable Monday. Monday is my weekend, and thus was spent launching the inaugural voyage of the USS Party Flotilla, Allegheny Division.

River beers are the best kind of beers.



Robert Dulaney said...

That bunting is perfect!

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