Sunday, August 12, 2012

100 Projects, #6

Project number five was my first attempt at actual canning. I've been doing a lot of experimenting with refrigerator pickles, and I've been flirting with the idea of canning, and finally I just decided to go ahead and try it.

I made some strawberry jam!

Macerating the strawberries.

I ended up having some leftover strawberries so I made some muffins with them! Yummmm.

Trying to cook the jam. I only kind of know what I'm doing.

Et voila! At first I was really bummed because I thought none of the jars had sealed properly because they didn't look like it and I could hear them pinging and such, but they all came out okay! The jam is a lot more like preserves, but is still tasty. I also made some spicy dilly beans and tried canning those. I wish the jars had been more filled, but all my beans were really tiny.

Canning is pretty cool, but is also really intense! I don't know if I'll do a whole lot of it, and I will probably always stick to small batches, but it's nice to have a new tool in my toolbelt.


Robert Dulaney said...

i've canned stuff before, but never made jam. it seems tricky. we still have a ton of green beans from last summer!!!! went a lil' overboard.

Damandanapology said...

We should buy lots of tomatoes and make homemade pasta sauce! I don't want to do it by myself because its more cost effective and fun to do it together.

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